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stretch mark treatment

Stretch Marks

Whether you’ve had children or developed stretch marks across your thighs or any other areas, now is the time to get rid of them! Significantly reduce your stretch marks and tighten the skin under them with the SmartSkin Plus Fractional CO2 laser.


The SmartSkin Plus laser enters the skin in dots, fully ablating (or vaporizing) tiny columns of the skin underneath. This creates a strong collagen response, letting the skin “fill in” and recreate the smooth skin that you desire. This is a great improvement from the old (not fractional) CO2 lasers. These older lasers completely wipe off a full layer of skin, making recovery much slower and often with complications. Also the results were often not as good, with a too-tight, drawn, or “waxy” appearance, which is now a thing of the past. Fractional beams leave your normal skin surrounding the ablated areas so that your healed skin is beautiful and rejuvenated!

This treatment for stretch marks (which also works for acne scars, C-Section and other scarring) is designed to be repeated in several sessions. Pricing varies, so discuss this with Dr. Jobalia. One treatment makes a significant difference, but further treatments are needed for the best reduction.