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Skin Care Products

There is nothing like good skin care to prevent damage to your skin and make you look fantastic in the process! Some steps involved in skin care are important for everybody, others may be personalized to your individual issues.


Good skin care involves three steps:

  • Restore your skin with a good cleanser and toner. This is a critical step that removes the oils and dirts that accumulate on your face, neck, and backs of your hands, and then takes that clean, prepared skin and primes it with a toner. The toner is astringent, helping to tighten pores and energize your skin. It also adjusts the PH balance for healthy skin that is more amenable to any following treatments or products. This is a step that is recommended for everybody!
  • Repair any damage. This step is individualized. Talk to Dr. Jobalia to see which skin type you are and what will help you the most. This can involve a retinol cream for younger patients with mild sun damage, prescription tretinoins which turn over the skin faster to renew your complexion and reduce fine lines, prescription hydroquinones or other products to even coloration issues such as age spots, freckling, and melasma, antioxidants such as Vitamin C which is your first line of defense against sun damage, special serums for your individual needs, and eye treatments proven to increase the elastin in your skin and firm the under eye area.
skin care products
  • Protect your skin with a good moisturizer and sunscreen! Again, this step is important for everybody. All moisturizers are not alike – look for ones shown to increase skin hydration hours later. Sunscreens should have mineral protection (such as Zinc Oxide, etc.), a high SPF, and protection against UVA as well as UVB. At The Better You we offer sunscreens as high as 50 SPF that literally disappear in a “matte” or invisible finish on all skin types so you don’t look white, shiny, and pasty, but are fully protected in the morning. Whether you wear makeup over it or not you can look your best and still be protected!


Talk to Dr. Jobalia about her skin care recommendations for you and see the difference it can make!