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acne clearance

Acne Scars, C-Section & Other Scars

You’ve survived the ravages of acne, now you’re left with scars that can vary from “ice-pick” marks that are deep pits, to “rolling scars” which are wide depressions with sloping edges, or “boxcar scars” that area also wide but have sharp “up and down” sides. Scarring can also be associated with pigment changes or permanent redness. So, what to do? The good news is that now there are great options to prevent and treat that scarring, as well as nip acne in the bud to get rid of it for good.


C-Section and other scars can also be helped with some of these same treatments described below. The sooner you develop scarring the easier it is to treat, so don’t wait! Studies now show that the most effective time to remove a scar is just after the stitches are removed.

The Gold Standard for acne scarring, body scars, and stretch marks is the Fractional CO2 laser.

This is the only laser that best and most reliably “resurfaces” the skin to remove acne scars and other scarring. Dr. Karen Jobalia uses Cynosure’s SmartSkin Plus, the newest, safest, and most effective Fractional CO2 laser on the market. Settings designed especially for scars help wipe them out of existence!

The SmartSkin Plus laser enters the skin in dots, fully ablating (or vaporizing) tiny columns of the skin underneath. This creates a strong collagen response, letting the skin “fill in” and recreate the smooth skin that you desire. This is a great improvement from the old (not fractional) CO2 lasers. These older lasers completely wipe off a full layer of skin, making recovery much slower and often with complications. Also the results were often not as good, with a too-tight, drawn, or “waxy” appearance, which is now a thing of the past. Fractional beams leave your normal skin surrounding the ablated areas so that your healed skin is beautiful and rejuvenated!


This treatment for acne scarring, other scars, and stretch marks is designed to be repeated in several sessions. Pricing varies, so discuss this with Dr. Jobalia. One treatment makes a significant difference, improving approximately 50% of the scarring or 30% of the stretch marks, but further treatments are needed for the best reduction.

Chemical Peels (for facial / acne scarring)

Chemical peels can gradually wear away at areas of acne scars and other facial scars. The result is slower and less dramatic than the SmartSkin Plus laser treatment, but peels can definitely help. Additionally, they get rid of excess dead skin on your face, exfoliate, and give you a great glow! Talk to Dr. Jobalia about designing a peel that fits your needs, including quick “lunch time peels” to get your glow on!

Microdermabrasion (for facial / acne scarring)

Also slower than the SmartSkin laser treatments, a series of 6 – 8 microdermabrasion sessions can “grind down” and wear away some of your acne scarring.  Microdermabrasion stimulates collagen formation as it pulls off the outer layer of dead skin, encrusted dirts and products, and hardened oils for healthy skin and a great look. After this treatment you won’t believe how smooth and soft you feel!

SmartSkin Peel

Looking for something in between a Microdermabrasion treatment and a full SmartSkin Plus treatment? Smartskin Peels help turn over your skin and improve acne and other facial scarring without significant down time. You will love this great treatment – you can feel the roughness for a few days as your skin peels and turns over for smooth, refreshed results and a real improvement in collagen build-up!

Belotero Balance

This is a dermal filler that is designed for surface treatments, and the best on the market for improving surface acne scars. Not all scars will respond to filler treatment, but many will significantly fade. This is a temporary treatment, lasting 6 – 8 months, but regular subsequent treatments often last longer.