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Dark Spots & Pigmentation

Freckles across your nose were cute as a kid. But those large, looming age spots that spread across your face, cover your chest, and splotch your hands can be a pain. Luckily, now we have ways to return to the smooth, even skin of your youth!


Photofacials go a step beyond removing your dark spots, getting rid of any redness, and evening your complexion. They also help tighten and firm your skin, reduce pore size, smooth your skin’s texture, and remove tiny damaged vessels that show through the skin of the face. These are done as a series of 3 – 6 treatments and can be done several weeks apart. Each treatment leads to significant improvement in the tone, quality and texture of your skin!


This same technology (with a different hand piece) is also used for “Laser Hair Removal” (see below) as well as treating rosacea, port wine stains, and a variety of other skin conditions.

IPL / Photofacial

This is a fantastic procedure and definitely worth checking out. You may have heard of BBL (Broad Band Light which is a brand of IPL) or Photofacials – these are all the same basic technology which uses IPL, or whole light waves, refracted into various sets of spectrums, to target and destroy the parts of your skin that cause problems. IPL sends intense beams of light (as opposed to laser energy) into your skin. These pass through most of your skin structures, and settle on the melanocytes – the cells that produce the dark spots and pigmentation – and get rid of them.

Photofacial treatments to reduce dark spots and redness
laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal uses the same technology with a different set of wavelengths that reach deeper into the skin to the level of the hair follicle. They target the melanin in the hair bulb, which is why the treatment works best for people with darker hair, especially when their hair is significantly darker than their skin. Unfortunately there is no trustworthy hair removal on the market that will get rid of light hair, no matter what you are told! This procedure is done in segments and with caution so not too much numbing medicine is used at one time.


Come with a few millimeters of stubble, not clean shaven. Hair removal is done as a series of treatments, getting rid of around 15 – 25% of hair in the first session and usually 80% by the fifth session. Sessions can continue to further permanently remove hair. Great for men’s backs, chests, women’s chins and legs! Talk to Dr. Jobalia about pricing details – they vary depending on the area.

These treatments can be turned up or down in intensity according to your tolerance and desires. While they can be considered “lunch time procedures” with no down time, they also can be turned up to produce a sunburn-like redness afterwards that can last a few days to enhance the results.


Rosacea is great to treat with an IPL, with spectacular results. This generally can be done in one to two sessions and often needs to be touched up every year as the rosacea will recur. Talk to Dr. Jobalia about skin care that is developed for rosacea to help keep it at bay! Also, after a treatment, wash your pillowcase and sheets with hot water, on an allergy setting. Studies show that rosacea is often associated with microscopic mites – only some people develop this reaction to them, but this is a good time to get rid of what you can!

This is done as a series of 3 – 6 treatments and can be done several weeks to a month apart, depending on the area. Each treatment will remove dark spots and redness. Sometimes these areas fade, other times you will see the dark areas turn into “coffee grounds” that fall off of your skin in 1 – 2 weeks, leaving smooth, even skin behind! Talk to Dr. Jobalia about pricing, there are discounts for subsequent treatments and packages.