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HCG Diet

Top weight loss patient so far:  42 pounds!

What is the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet? It is a physician supervised, prescription diet that is unlike any other. This program is beyond a typical diet, as the daily HCG hormone injections accentuate your ability to lose weight rapidly from stubborn or difficult areas.


The HCG also alters your hormone levels, letting you feel more satiated and less hungry. The diet program allows for very specific foods at around 500 calories a day. People may claim that anyone would lose weight on this very low calorie diet, even without the HCG, but that would be extremely difficult to do without the prescription help.

You will be given a set of suggested menu plans that are extremely simple to follow and do not involve much cooking. For example, it is possible to bake a large amount of chicken at once and use it for many meals, seasoning it differently according to what is allowed. Pre-planning is key, so you are not left somewhere hungry without the right foods, and susceptible to eating something off diet.


The program lasts from 3 – 8 weeks, and the length is determined slowly by you as you progress. Often people want to go a bit further as they want to continue losing more weight. It is typical to lose 20 pounds or more in 4 – 5 weeks, far more than can be expected with Weight Watchers or other diet plans.


The beauty of the program is that during the time you are not hungry and not eating as much, you have the space to separate yourself from an emotional dependence on food. Dr. Jobalia will supply you with reading material to help you in this endeavor.


After the program is over, allow 3 weeks of re-entry into a normal diet, also supervised by Dr. Jobalia. This helps keep your weight stable for a long time to follow. The diet allows you to reset your metabolism, so weight gain will not occur as fast afterwards, but Dr. Jobalia will also give you techniques to keep the weight off and instruction in healthy eating.

A good diet includes plentiful amounts of raw veggies, whole grains, fish and whole grains to give your body what it needs.


Healthy fats in salmon, flax, and grass-fed dairy are critical for your health.


Fat represents about 25-35% of all calories,

with the majority of the fat coming by way of the healthier monounsaturated fat.

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Make sure your HCG provider is certified and approved! The Better You HCG Diet is the only IAPAM (International Association for Physicians of Aesthetic Medicine) approved weight loss center in Cincinnati! Be safe when you shop for HCG diets—make sure you ask how often you will be seeing the physician in change (and that it’s an MD!) At The Better You, you will see the physician weekly for appointments and additionally be encouraged to call and text the doctor daily for questions and support! This is a one-of-a-kind experience in Cincinnati, and the best way for weight loss programs to work. Experience our success and come out a winner!