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About Dr. Jobalia

Dr. Karen Jobalia – Board Certified Specialist in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Radiology.

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Dr. Karen Jobalia has a unique combination of skill sets and talents that set her apart from other cosmetic practitioners in the area. Being a Board Certified Radiologist, Dr. Jobalia has a superior understanding of facial and body anatomy, and can use that to your advantage in her treatments. The fat planes in the face can deteriorate with aging, the musculature can hypertrophy (or grow more exaggerated), and even the bones can remodel. Dr. Jobalia has extensive history in knowing what’s underneath our skin, giving her a special advantage to do the best work possible.


Having excelled at procedures ranging from CT guided biopsies, ultrasound aspirations and drainages, angiography, aspirations, mammographically guided localizations, and countless others, Dr. Jobalia was thrilled to merge her technical skills with her love of aesthetics. She is uniquely poised to skillfully combine a vast procedural ability with a true understanding of the art of beauty.

Other cosmetic physicians may spend most of their day in the operating room or diagnosing skin diseases, leaving only a small fragment of their time to work with nonsurgical face and body aesthetic treatments. Dr. Jobalia does this with 100% of her practice, and has developed an artistry and understanding of the newest techniques which sets her apart from the rest. After doing well over 50,000 injections, she is able to finesse the small details to give the best results. At The Better You, only Dr. Jobalia will be injecting your Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, etc. Many plastic surgeons hand this off to poorly trained nurses to perform, “under supervision,” as they are too busy doing other procedures. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to poor outcomes. And, surprisingly, you will likely find yourself paying much more for a nurse to perform these procedures than Dr. Jobalia, herself! The Better You keeps staffing and overhead to a bare minimum so that your prices will be lower.

Dr. Jobalia

Dr. Jobalia understands how to achieve the rejuvenated, rested, natural look for her patients. Unlike many others, she knows “when to say when” with dermal fillers and neuromodulators, and how to individualize injections for their patients. Dr. Jobalia is expert at making patients look refreshed and younger without being “overdone.” Patients express surprise and delight that they can have their lips restored with Restylane Silk, giving them a much younger and more attractive look, without “duck lips” or a look that makes others think they’ve had “something done.”


As a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Jobalia takes a special interest in laser work, and provides a variety of laser services. Come see our quiet, comfortable and private office. We look forward to seeing you there!